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The health benefits of imaginative and creative play; why creative toys are so important to child development

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2018-09-01

It’s common knowledge that children learn through play, but did you realise just how important creative play is for the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of your little one? Find out how creative toys that foster imaginative play like our Christmas Elf could actively help your child’s development.

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Pip McJingles is back! More North Pole magic and mayhem with 3 new sets of Advent Letters

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2018-06-14

Our first edition Advent Letters in 2017 proved to be a massive hit with Elf fans of all ages. Now, new for Christmas 2018, Pip McJingles’ second instalment of North Pole news comes in three versions – a shorter, simpler read with Pre-School Advent Letters, our standard full-length letters, or our new personalized letters!

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The magic behind the Elf for Christmas reward kit – what you get and how to use it!

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2017-10-16
The real magic of our Christmas Elf toy happens in the amazing reward kit that comes with it. Stickers, charts, certificates and more – find out all about it here.

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Family Christmas Eve traditions we love

Written by Sarah Greenwell | 2017-09-13

Whether it’s spent snuggled up in Christmas pyjamas, or playing Santa and delivering gifts, Christmas Eve has to be THE most exciting night of the year!

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Elf shares his top snowman-building tips for World Snowman Day

Written by Sarah & The Elves | 2017-01-17

World Snowman Day

If there’s one thing a North Pole Elf is an expert in, it’s how to build a snowman. Living in a place with year-round snow means our little elves get plenty of practice!

So, in honour of World Snowman Day on January 18, Elf for Christmas will share our top tips for building super snowmen…

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