Personalized Advent Letters – 2018 Edition Elf Letters

Personalized Advent Letters – 2018 Edition Elf Letters
  • Personalized Advent Letters – 2018 Edition Elf Letters

Personalized Advent Letters – 2018 Edition Elf Letters


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Our magical and unique Advent Letters have just got even more enchanting: now you can choose to have our 2018 Edition Advent Letters personalized!

Our Personalized Advent Letters are written directly to your child or children, from their very own Elf, and mention their hometown and the other people in their house throughout.

How amazed will your little ones be when they see their Elf pal has written special letters just for them!

These personalized Elf letters follow the same storylines as our 2018 Edition Advent Letters, but with the extra details of your little ones’ names and town and with the option to change your Elf pen pal’s name from Pip McJingles to an Elf of your choice. Your Elf can even mention Mummy and Daddy, or whoever else your little one lives with!

Arriving in 24 individual high-quality Kraft brown envelopes, each dated and personalized with your Elf and your child or children’s names, our Personalized Advent Letters are ready to be smuggled amongst the post, hidden in a toy box or tucked on top of the cereal box.

These enchanting Elf notes let your little one in on the secret fun, magic and mayhem that goes on at Santa's workshop throughout December, as told by their very own North Pole pen pal.

Printed on 120gsm North Pole Standard quality paper, the 24 fold-out letters are in full colour, beautifully illustrated with original drawings, and measure 148mm x 315mm.

While your own Elf toy is staying with you in December, his little friend is back at the North Pole, beavering away with the other elves to make sure Santa's ready for the Big Night. Even if you don't have an Elf in your home, you can still have an Elf pen pal!

Each day, your Christmas Elf pen pal sends a new Advent Letter, revealing their exciting adventures straight from Santa's workshop. Children can discover the mischief, mishaps and funny stories happening in at the North Pole as the Elves prepare for Christmas.

Children and adults alike will love uncovering the secrets and surprises of the North Pole, all with a little help from your favorite Elf at Christmas.

A truly magical Christmas activity for the whole family. Includes 24 different personalized letters in dated envelopes.

Please note, we cannot correct spelling mistakes or other errors – the personalized information will appear in your letters exactly as you have provided it, so please take extra care and double check your form before ordering. Letters printed with incorrect information provided by you cannot be refunded.

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